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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
NSW Masters Championships - 13/02/2021 to 14/02/2021 Campbelltown Athletics Centre Event 265 Women Weight Throw 5.450kg 65-69 ======================================================================= Name Age Centre Final Points ======================================================================= Final 1 Taylor, Jill 65 Cherrybrook 13.80m 13.46m FOUL 13.21m 13.80m FOUL 11.73m 2 Jones, Kerrie 67 Nowra Athlet 8.45m 8.06m 7.96m 8.19m 8.36m 8.45m 8.39m 3 van Bockel, Adriana 68 Athletics Wo 6.33m 5.45m 5.85m 5.85m 5.15m 5.88m 6.33m