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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
NSW Masters Championships - 13/02/2021 to 14/02/2021 Campbelltown Athletics Centre Event 324 Women Javelin 500g 55-59 ======================================================================= Name Age Centre Final Points ======================================================================= Final 1 Townsend, Vicki 56 Nsw Masters 20.46m 20.38m 20.46m 19.52m FOUL 19.20m 19.88m 2 Koribalski, Baerbel 56 Epping Distr 19.58m FOUL FOUL 18.38m 19.30m FOUL 19.58m 3 Wight, Philippa 57 Manly Warrin 17.23m 12.89m FOUL 15.34m 15.70m 17.23m 17.04m 4 Durston, Bev 56 Mingara Athl 15.65m 14.32m 15.27m FOUL 14.23m 15.65m FOUL 5 Whatley, Susan 57 Illawong Rev 14.96m 14.96m 10.17m 10.49m 12.91m 12.99m 12.70m 6 Engeler, Deborah 58 Illawong Rev 13.01m 9.81m 11.01m 1.54m 10.40m 13.01m 12.82m 7 Flynn, Rina 58 Illawarra Bl 12.68m 11.68m 12.05m 11.83m 12.68m 12.00m 10.92m