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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
NSW Masters Championships - 13/02/2021 to 14/02/2021 Campbelltown Athletics Centre Event 276 Men Shot Put 5kg 60-64 ======================================================================= Name Age Centre Final Points ======================================================================= Final 1 Murray, Peter 60 St. George D 10.22m 9.95m 10.22m 9.88m FOUL FOUL 10.05m 2 Novicic, Zoran 60 U.T.S. North 7.76m 7.76m 7.51m 7.59m 7.64m 7.71m 7.75m 3 Harmey, Simon 64 Athletics Wo 7.48m 7.45m 7.40m 7.32m 6.92m 7.19m 7.48m