Bankstown Winter Track and Field and Winter Distance - 09-Jun-19      
                         The Crest Athletics Centre                         
Event 11  Women Triple Jump Open
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Wind Points
  1 Owusu, Desleigh           17 Campbelltown            12.19m   NWI       
     11.64m(NWI) 12.02m(NWI) 12.19m(NWI) 12.19m(NWI)                        
  2 Philip, Alyssa            18 Campbelltown            10.65m   NWI       
     10.59m(NWI) 10.35m(NWI) 10.65m(NWI) 10.43m(NWI)                        
  3 Knezevic, Isabella        11 Balmain Athl             9.99m   NWI       
     9.99m(NWI) 9.99m(NWI) 9.49m(NWI) 9.68m(NWI)                            
  4 Johnston, Jessica         11 Ryde Athletics Club      8.86m   NWI       
     FOUL      FOUL      8.69m(NWI) 8.86m(NWI)                              
  5 Bardney, Rachel           13 Nepean District          8.85m   NWI       
     8.85m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL      8.69m(NWI)